July 10, 1948 Carl Lucke and Harriet Meyer

This family history details the Meyer and Lucke families of Putnam County, Ohio. Please click any name in the indexes (see links above) to go to our genealogy data for that person and to view their individual data. We have also included ancestor charts for the principal families. Links to these may be found in the menu bar above.

These families have origins in Germany. Our hope by publishing this data on our website is to encourage further exploration of the roots of these families. Allied families included in this work are the Rieman, Schmidt (Smith), Siefker, Riepenhoff and Karhoff families.

Living members of the families are excluded from the data and, in general, those born after 1930 are excluded.

This data is a subset of a larger family history -- I have much more data on these people and many additional relatives that I am researching. Inquiries from researchers investigating these or allied lines are welcome - use the Researcher link below.

I am indebted to many people for their assistance with this research and I heartily thank them for their willingness to share their family stories. All data on the website is sourced and I have briefly cited the sources. Detailed source information and digital photos of source documents are available upon request.

Of course, some sources are better than others and errors or omissions do occur despite my best efforts to prevent these. I welcome suggestions for additions or corrections to the data I present here.